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Monday, January 5, 2015

playing cookie fairy

Now and again, and particularly in the winter when baking helps warm up the boat, I like to do some baking and walk around town playing "cookie fairy." 

My butterscotch brownies are always a hit and bar cookies are the most time-effective for making large quantities, but I also wanted to take a stab at some sugar cookies. I made several dozen sugar cookie bunnies. Why bunnies? Well, because this is Running Rabbit Kitchen. Because I like bunnies. Because rabbits are a sign of renewal and rebirth appropriate to the New Year. Because it is the only cookie cutter I have.

A large kitchen is a plus when making sugar cookies, but I managed in my itsy bitsy galley nonetheless. I could only bake a dozen at a time and only have one baking sheet that fits in the teeny tiny oven, so thank god for parchment paper. The sprinkles were really messy, so I would only do those again if I did royal icing after baking the cookies and put the sprinkles on top of the icing. Next time I will probably spring for the fancy pretty colored sugars for sprinkling on top of the cookies. I also sprayed some of the cookies with purple "cake grafiti" which is basically food coloring spray paint. The rest I sprinkled with plain, old-fashioned granulated sugar. 

Both the raw dough and the finished product were delicious. These were my first sugar cookies and I think next time I will cut them a little thicker. Thicker equals squishier cookies, thinner equals crisper. Both are good, but I think I like them a little on the squishy side. I used the recipe for "Ethel's Sugar Cookies" from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book. The recipe is a little different because it uses powdered sugar rather than granuated sugar. Instead of almond flavoring I used orange oil. Next time I am considering dipping the ears in chocolate so they taste like an orange milano cookie, except better, because they are homemade.

Here are the little bags of cookies to gift to friends and strangers:

Happy New Year. Strive to practice random acts of sweetness, because it makes the world a happier place.

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